Become a smarter investor by leveraging your knowledge, relationships & insights


Totem serves as a source of truth to make firm-wide knowledge easily accessible

  • How much have we invested in a company? What were the terms?
  • How much do we own of a company? Who else invested?
  • Who are the leaders at the company? Who's on the board?
  • When is the next board meeting? What were last meeting's notes?
  • What deals are we looking at as a firm?
  • What are our fund returns? How much capital do we have left to deploy?


Totem maps your network to help you understand your firm's most important relationships

  • How are we connected to Paul Graham? Who has the strongest tie?
  • Who do we know (or not know) at Y Combinator? What deals in common?
  • When did we last engage with an LP?
  • Who are the executives we know at Google?
  • Who are our important relationships in Toronto?
  • Who are the Fintech CEOs in our network?


Totem surfaces insights and trends across your portfolio and network

  • Who are our top co-investors in a specific sector?
  • What's our average pre-money valuation by round over time?
  • What channels do our highest value deals come from?
  • What do our returns look like by sector, partner, or geography?
  • How much capital have we deployed in a sector this year?
  • Which of our companies are running low on cash?

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